a fresh duck (about 1kg),

ox tripe 250g,

pork slices 250g

pork tripe 150g,

thin sheets of bean curd 250g ,

asparagus lettuce 250g ,

lotus 300g


beer 350g

vegetable oil 200g
lard oil 100g

thick broad-bean sauce 30g
pickled pepper 40g
garlic clove 10pcs ginger 50g
Chinese prickly ash 15g sugar 25g
salt 10g monosodium glutamate 5g
Pepper 3g

Cook method:

1.take off viscera of duck, and also the foot, mouth ,and wash clearly, dry it.
2.put it to cold water pot to boil it, use soft fire boil it 80% mature,then take it from the pot, cut it to square diamonds(4cm square )
3.wash clearly the ox tripe,(1.7cm width) and also wash clearly the pork tripe
4.cut thin sheets of bean curd into slices
5.wash lettuce clearly, use tender leaf. remove the peel of lotus and asparagus lettuce then wash clearly, both cut into slices,put them around duck.
6.Then light your hot pot devices, heat the vegetable oil, and put in ginger slices pickled peppe thick broad-bean sauce ,old ginger slices
7.fried a moment, pull out the rest vegetable oil, put in lard oil , garlic clove, Chinese prickly ash ,then fried a moment also,pull in the soup to boil the duck ,for 10 minutes.
8.then put in ducks, beer ,sugar, salt monosodium glutamate,pepper,boil to boiling,
9.Then pull out duck and soup,pull into hot pot and then to the desk,,and light it ,eat while boil , any meat and vegetable all can put in.

NOTE: the soup which boil the ducks,do not use up,when you can use while you are eating,if you would like to more spicy,please add more dry red pepper