Shrimp is one of the foods with high protein. Because of light and refreshing, Broccoli fried shrimp meat is easy to digest for all ages, and deeply welcomed by diners. Elastic and juicy shrimp are often considered as top grade.

Ingredients you need:

Ingredients  Pictures weight
broccoli   400g
shrimps   300g
garlic   10g

 Spicesright amount: cornstarch, salt, Liquor


1.      Wash and cut the broccoli.


  2.     After the thawing of shrimp, add a few drops of white wine, salt, mix a little   cornstarch, then marinating for ten minutes, which makes the shrimp more slippery.


3.     Pour broccoli and shrimp meat into the pot with boiling water for two minutes,  then remove and drain them in the plate.


4.     Heat the oil for three minutes, and put the minced garlic into the pot. Then put the prepared broccoli and shrimp meat and stir fry for a while, add the right amount of salt.


5.     Pour some water into the prepared cornstarch and mix them. Turn the fire bigger and pour the starch water into the pot.
6.     Finally, take them out and put into a plate.