Beggar’s Chicken is another Hangzhou Special Delicacies.

According to legend in the past, there lived a beggar who drifted to the south of the Yangtze River. One day, he fainted away from hunger and cold. His fellow sufferer stole him a small hen but he had no pot and cooking range. He then wrapped the chicken with mud and roasted it in the fire. When he stripped off the roasted chicken and took it, he surprisingly found that this chicken was overflowing with aroma and in a wonderful taste.

Afterwards, this cuisine was passed down to wine houses, and further improved by chefs based on its traditional cooking method. Fat and tender chickens are chosen, wrapped with skins of bamboo shoots and leaves of fresh lotus, with the outermost layer coated with wine jar clay, to be roasted with strong fire before slow fire. The beggar’s chickens are freshly roasted and freshly taken, smelling faint scent and tasting delicate and savory.