The legend has it that this dish is related to Su Dongpo, it is one of the Hangzhou Special Delicacies.

The revered Mr. Su was very well known for his fondness of pork, and had written many poems about eating pork. However he had a better love for the bamboo around his living room. It is said that he once wrote: “I would rather eat without pork than live without bamboo, as I may be thinner without port, but will be vulgar without bamboo.” Someone then wrote according to his meaning, “It may as well take pork braised with bamboo shoots for every meal, to be neither thin nor vulgar.” It is the literary quotations for the dish “Home-made Salted Pork with Spring Bamboo Shoots”.

Thin-skinned pork belly and fresh, tender spring bamboo shoots are cooked together, tasty and tender, aromatic and glutinous, delicious in flavor and delicate in soup. It is probably the reason why this dish has become a famous Hangzhou traditional food liked by people.