West Lake Fish in Vinegar Sauce is one of the Hangzhou Special Delicacies.

According to legend, in ancient times there lived the brothers of Ning’s family who were well educated and retreated on the shore of West Lake, making a living on fishing. High official Zhao, the local scoundrel wanted to seize Sister Song when he saw Sister Song was good looking and charming and played a trick to bring down her husband. The younger brother brought a lawsuit to the local authority for revenge, only to be cudgeled as a result. Sister Song talked over the younger brother-in-law to flee to some other place. She cooked a huge fish from West Lake with sugar and vinegar for a special purpose to give a farewell dinner before his departure and urged him “to keep in mind the hardships of common people no matter in bitterness or in sweetness”.

Later on, the younger brother-in-law gained some meritorious fame. On one banquet, he restlessly tasted the sweet but sour specially-made fish dish and finally found his renamed elder sister-in-law who was on escape. Then he quitted the official position and restarted a fisherman’s family life.

Characteristics: Only Boiled Water plus Condiments instead of Oil Used, Fish Moderately Done for a Nice Savory of its Freshness and Tenderness as well as Original Flavor, and the Cooked Fish Tasting Tender and Delicious along with the Flavor of Crab Meat.