West Lake Water Shield Soup is one of the Hangzhou Special Delicacies.

West Lake Water Shield (Brasenia schreberi JF Gmel) is also called herb of rush-like bulrush and water lily leaf. Its tender stems, buds, and leaf rolls are all covered with white and transparent jelly, in ricer contents of gelatin and other ingredients. According to determination, each 100g fresh water shield contains 900mg protein, 230 sugar, considerable Vitamin C and a small quantity of iron substrate. If water shield is cooked together with crucian carp into soup, it has the efficacies of dissipating excess internal heat and stopping vomit, expelling heat toxin and curing abscess as well as removing sore toxins. West Lake Water Shield Soup is also called “Chicken, Ham and Water Shield Soup”, and it is the traditional Hangzhou famous Food.

Characteristics: Emerald Green Water Shield, Bright Red Ham, Snow White Chicken Chest, Bright in Colors, Smoot and Tender in Taste, Faint Scent in Smell, and Rich in Nutrition.