The sliced fish is so delicious that you cannot find any bad smell;The sliced fish is tender and juicy indeed;When you chew it, the tasty hot chili soup will spill from the sliced fish and the sliced fish will melt in the tasty hot chili soup;A feeling of ecstasy rocket your mind;A live fish dance in your mouth;Roll in your throat;Swim in your stomach.


Ingredients pictures weight
A grass carp fish 300g
Yellow bean sprouts 200g
Cabbage 30g

Spices(right amount)

  • Dry chili pepper;
  • Flower pepper;
  • Chili sauce;
  • Soy sauce;
  • Slice ginger;
  • Minced garlic;
  • Corn starch;
  • Egg white;
  • Cooking wine;
  • Salt;
  • Black pepper powder;
  • Broth(water);
  • Aniseed;
  • Cinnamon;
  • aginomoto.


First clean up the fish, use the body part. And then separate the fish meat and the fishbone, then slice the fish in moderate thick;
Use cooking wine, corn starch and egg white and moderate salt mix together then let the sliced fish soak for 1hour;
We will start cook the special oil. Put the oil in the wok, then put Aniseed, Cinnamon, Slice ginger, Minced garlic, until they turn a little yellow, then pick up those spice out of the oil and keep the oil on the side for later using;
Use another wok or clean the wok that you have used, put some boiled water and then put moderate salt. After the salt completely melting, you can put the Yellow bean sprout and cabbage. Don’t cook them too long, and 2 minute will be OK;
Put the special oil you have prepared in the wok, and then put the Chili sauce which can make the soup became red. Then add Dry chili pepper, Flower pepper, and Slice ginger, Minced garlic to cook until the good flavor comes out; add the light broth (or boil water). So the special flavor soup is finished;
After the flavor soup boiled, put the sliced fish one by one in the hot soup, you can use the chopsticks to stir the fish meat keeping separate. Until the fish meat color became white then turn off the heat and put the yellow bean sprouts and cabbage which you have cooked before;
Now, it is time to make hot oil. Clean up the wok; put the oil in the wok. Heat the oil to 50% warm, put chill pepper and flower pepper, fried until flavor comes out and the chill pepper color has been changed. Be careful, not burn the peppers;
Pour the hot oil with chili pepper and flower pepper on the fish meat. And then add some Black pepper powder and aginomoto. The Boiled fish is well down.