1.Pork (lean) 200 g

2.mushrooms (fresh) 200 g


.2 tsp/lard (refining)

.2 tsp/ salt

.5 tsp/cooking wine

.15 g green onions

.5 tsp/starch (corn)

.0.5 tsp/MSG

.8 g ginger,

.1 g pepper powder

.1 g  pepper


  1. meat and mushroom slices, respectively;
  2. meat, salt, cooking wine and mix well on the wet starch slurry;
  3. with cooking wine, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, soup, pepper noodles, black pepper, wet starch into juice;
  4. wok hot grease, oil heat under the meat after, while promoting the bottom with a spoon until the pork spread;
  5. to be shed taste, add mushrooms and fry a few times, then pour on the good juice, to be turned even when blistering serve.